milo makes everything delicious

I LOVE Milo. As do most good South Africans, I think? I’ll have it with almost anything: ice-cream, in milkshakes, with pancakes, in biscuits, the list goes on. So it only makes good sense to put it in CUPCAKES. And Milo buttercream is delicious with a capital D. Here are some I made this weekend.



Here’s some trivia for you: apparently the name Milo comes from the Greek mythological character, Milon, who was famous for his feats of strength. Legend has it that he once carried a four-year old bull around a stadium! So if you eat Milo, you will be strong. Yes.

This little panda is no Greek athlete, but he IS cute, and he looks quite at home amongst the cupcakes here.


OK, I hope you enjoyed those. Bye for now! xox


  1. Oh my deliciousness! Diné! these look INCREDIBLE. wow. wow. wow. The pic with the silver stand looks like something out of a designer baking book. you are amazing! well done my friend.

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