1. Lauren B

    Sprinkles! Cupcakes that have sprinkles of some description, from delicate dustings to delicious smarties (or peanut MnM’s!) are my favourite types of cupcakes.

  2. The perfect cupcake is one that combines interesting tastes and textures. With this I am referring to the marvelous cupcakes I once had the privilege of tasting at the now defunct, I Love Cupcake, store.

    They had a cappuccino cupcake topped with a soft meringue peak. I agree on the texture of the cake. I am not a fun of big chunks of icing, so I would substitute icing with chocolate or some other alternative.

    I love the gaint cupcakes they serve at Succulent Cafe, Northcliff, Johannesburg. To me they are the perfect cupcake.

  3. Maike

    My definition of a perfect cupcake is one that was created by anyone called Dine. Im sure that definition cannot be perfect, since someone out there has a 3 year old cousin called dine who cant decorate cupcakes… but thats the outlier case 😉

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