red rover red rover… send RED VELVET over!

One of my favorite things about blogging is coming up with cheesy post titles. I love it! :) Another one of my favorite things is looking at the endless supply of food photos that the interweb has to offer. This Wednesday I’m sharing some photos of Red Velvet baked goods. Don’t you think it’s amazing, that in an era where everything is all about natural ingredients, Red Velvet still manages to be so popular? What is it with RV? I certainly do love it.

Regarding the origins of our brightly coloured subject, no one seems quite sure exactly how and where it came about. General consensus is that the first Red Velvet Cakes were red quite by accident – the acidic cocoa powder would react with the alkaline buttermilk which resulted in a reddish hue. These days, bakers add food colouring to produce the dazzling red cake. And the trend has extended itself to a number of other baked goods, not just cake. It seems there is a demand for Red Velvet everything.

Here are some photos. Enjoy! And have a look at my Red Velvet cupcakes here, and here when you’re done. x


  1. Cupcake. Source: Pinterest
  2. Cake. Source: Pinterest
  3. Macarons. Source: Delectable Deliciousness
  4. RV Cheesecake Brownies. Source: Baking Bites
  5. Heart-shaped Cake. Source: Sprinkle Bakes
  6. Sandwich Cookies. Source: Bakerella
  7. Crepes. Source: Duh-licious
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5 Responses to red rover red rover… send RED VELVET over!

  1. Hila says:

    I have a recipe for RVC’s with beetroot instead of red food colouring, still need to try it.

  2. Stine says:

    Dine, in your infinite baking wisdom, do you have any suggestions of which food colouring to use that tastes LEAST like food colouring? I love the look of red velvets but hate that food colouring taste! Sigh. Perhaps this means I don’t like red velvets? Perhaps thats just how they taste?

    • diné says:

      I know, it’s quite frightening what food colouring can do! I use Cake Flora (the liquid one), you can get it at places like the Baking Tin. But if you’re sensitive to food colouring then yes you should probably opt for something more natural like lovely pink strawberry cupcakes :)

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