1. I made this yesterday. Your recipe is PERFECT as no wastage of icing occurs. I love it! I’m going to put up a blogpost soon regarding my take on it 🙂 thank you so much for sharing it 🙂

    • Amy

      Did you bake them at 180 degrees? I think they were useing celsius not fahrenheit. When I first started them I thought 180 was low for baking. I have turned up my oven to 350. We will see if this works. Big Oops on my part.

      • Yes Amy, it’s Celsius. Sometimes I forget to add the ‘C’, but thanks for reminding me, I must get better at it. Hope they still turned out alright 🙂 x

      • Amy

        They did turn out great! I think I will make them again today and substitute green food dye for the red and bake some for Saint Paddy’s Day! I hope they taste the same. I don’t see why they won’t! Thank you so much for this recipe! 🙂

  2. dee

    Hi I was asked to bake 120 red velvet cupcakes for a friends bosses 50th office party. I used your recipe and every single batch was a success!!! I also received feedback that they where out of this world and that everyone loves them. Thank you so much for sharing your recipe.

  3. bella

    i’ve been searching all day for a recipe that doesnt include distilled vinegar or buttermilk and i have finally found it 🙂 im so happy im about to start baking! thank you so much

  4. Murielle

    Thank you for sharing your recipes! I tried this one yesterday…and they were marvelous…but a little dry:( How can I make my cupcakes come out moist and soft?

    • You could try using buttermilk instead of normal milk, for extra moisture. Also make sure you don’t bake them for too long. Good luck, thank you for the feedback 🙂 x

  5. Joey

    Hi! I‘m finding for a red velvet cupcake which is easy and delicious! And i think this recipe is great! But, i‘m wondering what kind of milk should I use to make it? Is it better if I use buttermilk as many recipes out there uses buttermilk… Hope you can reply me ASAP as I need to bake this for my graduation party! Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe! ^^

  6. Katie

    Hi! I love your recipe and thanks for sharing it! 🙂 But one question.. is it unsweetened cocoa or cocoa? Will there be a difference is if use unsweetened cocoa? 😉

  7. Mutsa

    Hi! I made these a week ago and I just wanted to say that your recipe is perfect and they tasted amazing! It was my first time making and tasting red velvet cupcakes and cream cheese icing and I’m glad it was with this recipe. I am officially a red velvet fan. 🙂

  8. I just found this recipe, can’t wait to make it!
    I also have a quick question before I try them out, do you use castor sugar or regular sugar?

  9. Portia


    Dying to try this recipe but instead of using food colouring, I’d like to try beetroot. How much beetroot juice should I use to get a nice deep red?

  10. Wilmé

    I’ve made this recipe for birthdays, kitchen teas, stork parties…a winner every time! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

  11. Tay

    I absolutely adore this recipe! I get perfect, delicious, crowd-pleasing red velvet cupcakes every time. I really want to make a red velvet cake for dessert this Christmas and I was wondering if you could help me to use your cupcake recipe to bake a regular cake? Thank you so much for all your delicious recipes!

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