delicious american pancakes

I am actually feeling OK about the whole “back to work” situation, since I had a really nice break. I had quite a few sleep-ins, some reading in bed, two mini hiking trips, and lots of time to bake. I also had a LOT of time to think. Today I’ve been pondering this quote from The Secret Life of Bees: “The whole problem with people is, they know what matters, but they don’t choose it. The hardest thing in life is choosing what matters.”

I totally agree. It is SO hard to not spend all my time on silly, inconsequential, non-eternal things, and to choose the important things, the things that matter. Don’t you guys agree?

Anyway, sometimes it’s important to relax and make american pancakes with your husband, which I did on Monday. I used Joy the Baker’s recipe – AMAZING. You guys should definitely try it.


Nutella, I couldn’t resist! :)

Until next time. x

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One Response to delicious american pancakes

  1. Marina says:

    Dine, these look so good! And I love that quotation. So true. Need to get better at choosing what matters.

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