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For the past week or so I’ve been obsessing over making the perfect fudge. The proper way, with a sugar thermometer and everything (as opposed to in the microwave). Once I set my mind to making something, I generally turn a bit crazy, as my husband will tell you. I’ll try it a million different times, until I get it right.

My first attempt at fudge turned into toffee (which was delicious, though not fudge at all) thanks to a wrongly calibrated sugar thermometer. My second attempt didn’t set at all. Fail. But the third attempt was a success, I think. And it was delicious. Watch out for the recipe over on Spatula Magazine in the next week or two.

And also watch out for some fudge cupcakes I made, pictures and recipes are to follow shortly. Bye for now! x


  1. Have you tasted the fudge from the Earthfair market in st george’s mall (on every thursday)? It is to die for! Try the 50/50 (dark and white choc), the amarula or the peanut butter ones. Amazing.

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