1. I made your cupcakes this week and well, we just loved them. They were fantastic. Last year Amarula invited our son to your lovely area to write an article about Amurula in his fine beverage magazine, Mutineer Magazine. The magazine did a lovely job, the pictures were so beautiful and the story was so very interesting. Amarula is so amazing, from how it’s harvested, (by hand) to the mechanical part of the process and then finally to my glass. Or in this case my cupcakes. Thank you for this great recipe, it will be used often.

  2. eileen erasmus

    Really tasty with a milky texture,my kids and husband loves it.I’m not a cake lover but this amarula cupcakes made me realise what I’ve been missing.sundays amarula cupcakes day!!!thank you

  3. Alexa

    I made them! They taste awesome, but I don’t know the cupakes didn’t grow up. I don’t know why :/….but great recipe anyway!! <3

  4. Samantha

    i am considering having these cupcakes at my wedding. can you recommend anyone in JHB who can make them properly??

  5. Katia

    Just tried these cupcakes…DIVINE! Perfect! Just going to decrease amount of icing sugar in the buttercream, found it a bit too sweet. Thank you!

  6. PriscillaCastro96

    Woow!! I never submit comments for the recipes I bake, but this was a must. I looooved this recipe, it was super easy and best of all, SUPER DELICIOUS! Everyone adore it, guess it’s my new secret recipe;)
    Only comment, the Buttercream needs almost half that much of icing sugar. Anyways, blown away!<3

  7. I love your idea of amarula cupcakes and decided to make them. Amazingly delicious, and although I didn’t use the Amarula in the cupcakes (only brushed them with it), it was still lovely! thanks for sharing!

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