Bacon Is The New Black

Most of us quite like bacon. We have it all the time – on our pizza, with scrambled eggs, or on a sandwich. But how about bacon in baked goods? In America it’s all the rage, apparently, although for most of us South Africans it still seems like an odd idea indeed.

Here are some examples salty-sweet bacon treats from across the internet, which will probably either inspire or horrify you. I am quite keen to try bacon maple cupcakes some time, I think. It should be educational if nothing else. But here are the pictures. You can click on them for their sources.

i love bacon

bacon cookies

Bacon Waffles

nutella bacon

Bacon Toffee

  1. Brown Butter, Bacon & Chocolate Chip Cookies from Tennessee Locavore
  2. Chocolate Bacon Cupcakes from Sugarlace
  3. Brown Sugar Bacon Waffles from Joy the Baker
  4. Nutella Coated Bacon from Bell’Alimento
  5. Bacon Toffee from Cherry Tea Cakes
So, which one is it? Inspired? Or horrified? :)
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153 Responses to Bacon Is The New Black

  1. I never thought of putting bacon on deserts. Now that I wonder, It does sound wonderful!
    I recall first hearing the consept of putting ranch on tacos. At first it sounded strange, but now I love it! I am definately inspired! Those who are horrified need to think outside the box.

  2. Zozette says:

    Oh my….. bacon is a staple food of mine. I can’t imagine enjoying food as much, if bacon didn’t exist.
    I recall coming across a “French toast cupcake with maple syrup cream, topped with crispy bacon bits” recipe and it really intrigued me. Being a fan of salty/sweet recipes, I could only imagine that bacon would be an improvement on any recipe. I’ve yet to try them, but I’ll let you know how they come out. Lovely post. :)

  3. natasiarose says:

    Inspired! I love, I want, I need….I just gained 10 pounds from looking at the pictures.

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  5. Denise Daye says:

    This is…inspiring! I’ve heard a lot about mixing bacon and chocolate. I have yet to try it, but it sounds amazing and your pictures look great!

  6. piyamari says:

    Coming from South East Asia, the idea seems very interesting. Since it’s a given that desserts are supposed to be sweet, I think I’d like to try these treats. The saltiness might be refreshing. Thanks!

  7. Dee says:

    For some of the recipes I can imagine an understanding of how it could taste delicious. I don’t think I would try baking it, but if it was in front of me and someone was encouraging me to try it because it’s delicious… I’d do it ! Lol

  8. I recently had bacon ice cream – it was great! Salty and sweet!

  9. Emma doran says:

    @sweeneystweeter would love this =)))) ,

  10. All I can say is wow…I love bacon, but I suppose I’m a “traditionalist”- I can’t imagine adding it to my dessert. I’m slightly intrigued.

  11. SH says:

    Horrified I think, but then I’ve always had a soft (sweet) spot for maple syrup and bacon on bagels……

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  13. We noticed this trend too! So we decided to do a little experimentation with what we had in the cupboard and the results were varied…
    bacon+ nutella – surprisingly tasty
    bacon+peanut butter – probably the best combination, tasted like satay sauce
    bacon+greek yoghurt – just odd!
    bacon, vanilla essence + hundreds+thousands sprinkles – absolutely disgusting. recreate at your peril!

    Here at The Culinary Graveyard we can’t help but wonder if this is a trend which will feature on our site in maybe 10 years or so, as people think, WHAT THE?!!?

  14. Charlie says:

    Mmmm I love bacon too…. Meat Candy :) Gonna have to try some other recipes!

  15. gaycarboys says:

    Bacon? On pudding? But then I’ve never understood pancakes and bacon with maple syrup! But I want to give it a go~!!!!!!!

  16. MrAlbertZ says:

    horrified… it doesnt’t sound good to my stomache

  17. Young1 says:

    Congrats on the FP. I have never really thought of putting bacon with sweet things but the Nutella Bacon looks LUSH!!!

    Cute page :D

  18. Dan says:

    Congrats on the FP!! All I can say is wow…I love bacon too!

  19. We love this recipe!
    We’d love to mention it on our blog.

  20. Some of those actually look pretty good. The bacon toffee? A little weird. But bacon just tastes so good! Thanks for the post!

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