Bacon Is The New Black

Most of us quite like bacon. We have it all the time – on our pizza, with scrambled eggs, or on a sandwich. But how about bacon in baked goods? In America it’s all the rage, apparently, although for most of us South Africans it still seems like an odd idea indeed.

Here are some examples salty-sweet bacon treats from across the internet, which will probably either inspire or horrify you. I am quite keen to try bacon maple cupcakes some time, I think. It should be educational if nothing else. But here are the pictures. You can click on them for their sources.

i love bacon

bacon cookies

Bacon Waffles

nutella bacon

Bacon Toffee

  1. Brown Butter, Bacon & Chocolate Chip Cookies from Tennessee Locavore
  2. Chocolate Bacon Cupcakes from Sugarlace
  3. Brown Sugar Bacon Waffles from Joy the Baker
  4. Nutella Coated Bacon from Bell’Alimento
  5. Bacon Toffee from Cherry Tea Cakes
So, which one is it? Inspired? Or horrified? :)
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153 Responses to Bacon Is The New Black

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  2. Mauro Andres says:

    All I can say is “bleah!”, although I haven’t tried them yet. I’m willing to try almost anything once, though.

  3. angirach says:

    There is nothing that I’ve had with bacon on it that didn’t make my love it more. :D

  4. hissimplelook says:

    So good!! Many cupcake shops in the South are using the bacon idea. Everyone raves about them. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Milieu says:

    My friend had a chocolate chip cookie with bacon in it once. She said it was the most amazing cookie she has ever had. She has good taste, so I’ll have to trust her.

    Great post! I can’t wait to read more!

    <3 Milieu

  6. Liv says:

    Those waffles look amazing!!! I’m not so sure about the chocolate covered bacon, but I would try it if someone else made it… =P (I do love chocolate covered potato chips!)

  7. pezcita says:

    I’m a little on the terrified side here. Then again, I suppose it’s all what you’re used to and what you’re willing to try. If pretzels and sweets go together so well, then bacon and sweets might, if it wasn’t for all the animal fat. Yuck!

  8. The Mouse says:

    Bacon has always been a food group unto itself.

  9. TweeCo says:

    Even though I’m not a bacon fan, I really love adding bacon on sweet treat!!! Especially bacon waffle/ pancake and bacon icecream
    Lovely pictures
    I want to try the bacon chocolate strips

  10. Hedda says:

    I totally loved this post! It is everything I can’t eat right now – but I loved it!

  11. My god that looks good! You would definitely make my journey a little harder to accomplish, I dont think I could resist the combination of bacon and sweets!!

    Very good stuff! keep baking

  12. rarasz says:

    This is sinful, and disguting, and revolutionary. I think im gonna try.

  13. Karen says:

    I’m a little bit of both. Interesting post!

  14. The waffles look great, because I used to dip my bacon in my leftover syrup all the time as a kid. :)

  15. Living the Paleo means I can eat bacon, and I do love indulging. My boyfriend is close to becoming a member of the bacon of the month club, he loves it so much. I’ve tried the dark chocolate with bacon pieces and maple bacon ice cream from a local shop here in C Florida. I wasn’t necessarily a fan of either but I do love the experimentation!

  16. ??? says:

    the food on the pics look good

  17. CarolinaQuarterHorse says:

    So many things to do with bacon!

  18. bohemianposy says:

    I’ve had chocolate covered bacon..once you get over the two being together, it’s actually really yummy-Tami

  19. Beacon and chocolate…that sounds too adventurous for me :)

  20. nalstradamus says:

    Nutella bacon is just nuts…wait, I have some Nutella…ok I have to try it now.

    My friend has an ice cream machine and supposedly has made bacon flavoured ice cream…yeah I’d eat it.

    Cool post

  21. LOVE LOVE LOVE Bacon anywhere. Combining the salty and sweet is so good. Bacon toffee sounds delicious! Great post!

  22. Gugz says:

    I always get made fun of because I hate bacon. Who hates bacon? I do love chocolate though. Maybe I’ll try some nutella covered bacon, and maybe I’ll fit in. Or stand out even more…who knows.

  23. I love bacon but I’m a little more surprised than I should be. Not sure if I’d try any… though I know it is a given that those waffles taste golden!!!

  24. jayjayss24 says:

    Sweet and salty is one of those naughty combos that you shouldn’t really like but i do love it. one of my favorites is preztles with chocolate. I will deff be giving these a try

  25. Y8 new games says:

    Great food…ha ha..i want..eating now!

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