Bacon Is The New Black

Most of us quite like bacon. We have it all the time – on our pizza, with scrambled eggs, or on a sandwich. But how about bacon in baked goods? In America it’s all the rage, apparently, although for most of us South Africans it still seems like an odd idea indeed.

Here are some examples salty-sweet bacon treats from across the internet, which will probably either inspire or horrify you. I am quite keen to try bacon maple cupcakes some time, I think. It should be educational if nothing else. But here are the pictures. You can click on them for their sources.

i love bacon

bacon cookies

Bacon Waffles

nutella bacon

Bacon Toffee

  1. Brown Butter, Bacon & Chocolate Chip Cookies from Tennessee Locavore
  2. Chocolate Bacon Cupcakes from Sugarlace
  3. Brown Sugar Bacon Waffles from Joy the Baker
  4. Nutella Coated Bacon from Bell’Alimento
  5. Bacon Toffee from Cherry Tea Cakes
So, which one is it? Inspired? Or horrified? :)
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153 Responses to Bacon Is The New Black

  1. duchessxuen says:

    it is be a challenge for chinese though..not for Me hahahahahhaha

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  3. marlowesnymph says:

    We are definitely living in the Bacon Age. My fiance has always been obsessed with it, while my soft spot has always been cheese. I’m glad that there are finally more recipes (desserts and otherwise) that incorporate his favorite food. In the Columbia City district of Seattle, Washington there is an ice cream parlor that has a flavor dedicated to Elvis which includes banana, chocolate, and bacon. My fiance is dying to try it. He almost killed me when I suggested Denny’s waffle-ice cream-bacon-syrup mixture looked gross.

    Congrats on FP!

  4. kat says:

    Oh my god! I think I’m in love! I love bacon! Thank you, thank you, thank you for doing a whole post dedicated to all the yummy ways bacon can be consumed! Thanks for sharing! I’m new to blogging and I love that there is such a huge foodie community here. If you have time, could you please share your tips/advice on blogging? Thanks so much! Here’s my blog: :)

  5. Let me just say this… Call me crazy… but I’d love all of them! :D

  6. JM says:

    I have noticed down here in Texas that people really love bacon on everything. I am not from this part of the country so finding out that it was hard to order filet mignon without it being wrapped in bacon was a bit annoying (I’m not into bacon much…sorry!). I cannot say for sure I’d like bacon on sweets either, but it does seems like an interesting mix, worth a try at least. Plus, the photos make it look good! Maybe you have opened me up to trying something new…

  7. A bit like the next step on from chocolate with fleur de sel…but with yummy bacon texture.

  8. eek! The chocolate covered bacon looks a little odd! I suppose in Scotland they’ve been frying Mars Bars for a while though!!

    You can buy blended milkshakes with bacon and other savory foods in them… never had one though! I prefer a good ol’ sweet treat!


  9. I’m not a fan of bacon for dessert, but these photos are just awesome.

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  11. CONIEFOX says:

    Wow~~~Could i print it and eat it now? My mouth is watering. it looks so yummy!

  12. I’ve tried bacon and maple syrup scones, and they were surprisingly good!
    Another innovative use – bacon vodka!

  13. freecklees says:

    defenitely inspired! i’ve got no idea about that combinations, bacon and chocolate!

  14. bacon is definitely the ultimate comfort food

  15. minellisumman says:

    This is the best thing I have ever seen in my life!!! though it doesn’t help when i’ve not had any breakfast!!

  16. Bianca says:

    The chocolate cover bacon is scary!! but i might try it

  17. serinasorland says:

    Inspired, but also horrified! xD

  18. mekaddishkem says:

    wow it’s so tastety

  19. I’ve had bacon and chocolate together and it’s not the magical combination I thought it would be, so I’m a little skeptical of the cupcakes too…but everything looks legit!

  20. TakeBackMyBirthday says:

    Maple Bacon Ice Cream.
    So delicious.
    Honestly, a bit of salt makes any sweet treat truly come alive. And bacon is heaven in any form.

  21. absolutsteph says:

    I’ve heard of bacon combined with chocolate, but I’ve never really tried any. The last two pictures you have here are mouthwatering! It’s interesting to see how salty and sweet will work, especially bacon with something dessert like! I’ve yet to decide on what I think of it when I try one. =)

  22. karyl33 says:

    I’m American and love bacon and chocolate chip cookies but can’t say that I’d want to combine those tastes! I understand the appeal of adding bacon to sweet things, I just don’t feel it!

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