1. Vanessa Christiane

    I too prefer to bake from scratch however i’ve also been using these ready to mix packs for years when i need something in a rush. Brilliant product and as you’ve done by adding bits and bobs to them they become real tasty. Have had some guests who’ve asked for the recipes before and i’m happy to tell them of the great products Snowflake have on offer. Besides all of the muffin mixes i use their bread packs as well and incorporate cranberries/sunflower & linseed/nuts – wonderfully moist and tasty.

  2. I use the muffin mixes all the time – I just don’t add all the oil that they specify on the instructions. 50ml at the most, then I top up the rest with extra water. Super quick and tasty 😀

  3. Steph

    I wonder if you can help me then! I was about to make the savoury muffin mix up the other day but then realised I didnt have any eggs. To cut the story short I now have the mix but have thrown away the packet with the instructions! Anybody have them on hand??

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