1. South African rainbow cupcakes! Cute. So … how would you design a Japanese cupcake? It would have to be white and red. (^_^) Or maybe a green tea cupcake? Or made with rice flour?

  2. Hi Dine, Your blog is so pretty and cute! I am a recent cupcake baking fanatic, and love a little inspiration! Subscribing now, as I want to follow your future baking conquests x

  3. Hi Dine,
    These cupcakes are so interesting…I must make them. How fun for kids to make also !
    I have posted your “Rainbow Cupcakes” on my blog for all of my clients to see and share. I have a co-worker from South Africa, slowly learning about your home 🙂 Keep the fun recipes coming

  4. Hi Dine,

    It is me again….My co-worker who is from South Africa wanted me to ask you if the Rainbow Cupcakes represent the “Rainbow Nation” ?


  5. Andrea

    Hi!Love these cupcakes,will be making them this weekend.
    What type of colouring did you use?
    and how many different types of colours did you use for one cupcake?
    PS:awesome blog!!!

    • I used powdered food colouring, to get nice bright colours. They were meant to have pink, blue, green and yellow in each cupcake, but with the kids getting involved it didn’t quite end up that way 🙂 Hope yours work out well, enjoy! 🙂 x

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