1. This goes beyond want… I NEED some of these! They look too delicious. Do you think it would work to chop up some Bar One into very small pieces and include in the cupcake batter? Completely decadent! But hey… life’s too short not to appreciate the little things (like little pieces of Bar One in your cupcake)

  2. […] Fancy a Bar One or two? (via Bake Love Not War) 16/08/2011 // 0 Monday was baking day. I've been going to a course on The Artist's Way and it's been great. One of the things it got me thinking about is that I'd love to be better at enjoying the process of baking (and a lot of other things), and not just the product. The old "life's a journey, not a destination" kind of stuff. I hate it when things get so rushed that I stop noticing (let alone appreciate) the little things. Anyway, enough philosophizing, that … Read More […]

  3. Kags

    Oh, I am so making these. I learned to make caramel sauce a while ago and I drizzle it on anything that will allow. Now I have a good reason.

  4. kathy

    My caramel sauce flopped. Two cups of sugar with only quarter cup of water, the sugar wouldn’t dissolve. Please help.
    Many thanks. Kathy Dean

    • Marilyn

      Please clarify measurements as stated for the bar one cupcake recipe.
      •3.4 cups milk (at room temperature)is this 3/4ml
      •1.5 cups flour is this 1 1/2 cups
      Many thanks

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