1. Leigh-Anne

    I was in Stellenbosch on Tuesday and we stopped off at the big strawberry farm just outside it and had freshly baked strawberry cupcakes and a cappucino … I am definately going to try this receipe ! Sounds delish !

  2. charliesbird

    Yumaroo! I made these for my daughter’s christening yesterday, and flip, they are delish! Thanks for the memories!

  3. zaheda

    hi pls tell me i would like these but i need 48 cupcakes can i make them by just x the recipe by 4. also the recipe says 1x egg and 2x egg whites do i not use the 2 yolks from the eggs just the one yolk? pls reply asp need to makethem by tuesday.thanx

  4. Leila Emdon

    These look great! I am going to try them today. Do you use a 12 hole medium size muffin tin? Or two six hole muffin tin? I am always confused about which one to use for cupcake recipes. Thanks!

  5. leilaemdon

    Hi! These look great. What type of tin do you use? Do you use the 12 hole medium sized muffin tin or 2x 6cup muffin in? I have both and not sure which to use, thanks

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