The end of a busy week…


This week has definitely been above average in busyness. Hence my lack of blog posts. But, as I get ready to go away for the weekend (yay!) here are some rad things that you should know about:

  1. My marshmallow article for Spatula magazine.
  2. My retro baking Pinterest board – remember upside down pineapple cake?
  3. Food and Film nights at the Freeworld Design Centre (if you’re in Cape Town).
  4. Kamers vol Geskenke (an EPIC gift market) is happening next weekend in Cape Town.
  5. Miss Moss just posted a new music mix titled Girls. It’s a compilation of a whole bunch of blogger girls’ favorite songs – what a rad idea.
OK that’s all I can think about for now. Have a lovely weekend! x
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3 Responses to The end of a busy week…

  1. parames9 says:

    your cup cakes are really good

  2. JanJann says:

    wow, they look brilliant !

    i really like the pictures you take – simple yet artsy .

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