new URL and email address

Just a quick note to say I have moved everything to, so please update your links/bookmarks/feeds etc. Also my new email – – should be up and running today. Happiness 🙂

milo makes everything delicious

milo cupcakes

I LOVE Milo. As do most good South Africans, I think? I’ll have it with almost anything: ice-cream, in milkshakes, with pancakes, in biscuits, the list goes on. So it only makes good sense to put it in CUPCAKES. And Milo buttercream is delicious with a capital D. Here are some I made this weekend. … [Read more…]

friday fun photos

Here are just some fun photos from the week. That package is on its way to Durban, for one of my best friends’ birthdays on Monday. I loved making it. Thank you to Black Coco Designs for the free printable postcard! xox

our wedding

We had our wedding in December last year, in an old aircraft hanger on a farm called Diemerskraal. We really bought into the whole DIY thing (as much as I used to promise myself I never would), and we did almost everything except the main food buffet ourselves. With the help of our families, our … [Read more…]

rose water cupcakes for valentines day

valentines day cupcakes

So, it’s valentines day. I know lots of us don’t particularly look forward the day, but like many other occasions, it IS a great excuse to eat delicious cupcakes. Pink and red ones, in this case. I love turkish delight and rose flavour, so I decided to make rose water cupcakes this valentines day. I … [Read more…]

fun cupcakes

old khaki cupcake

I’ve really been enjoying photographing my cupcakes, and experimenting with different props. Sometimes the cake stands and tea cups get a bit monotonous, in which case I can always resort to something like Trevor the gorilla. He does quite a nice gangster pose. Plastic dinosaurs are also a solid alternative. This T-Rex here is about … [Read more…]

woolies valentines ♥

I don’t normally go looking for Valentines day presents, I don’t subscribe to the whole idea of the day very much. But I was so happy when I saw these in Woolworths the other day (maybe because my husband is a big fan of Batman), that I had to get them. Cute, don’t you think? … [Read more…]

White Cupcakes

white cupcakes 4

I’ve been to a LOT of events lately – weddings, kitchen teas, weddings, birthday teas, and more weddings. But I never get bored of events. Probably because every event is different, planned by different people with different styles and tastes. I love it. So that brings me to these cupcakes. They were for a special … [Read more…]

First post!

First Post

I have my blog up and running! Sort of. Please check back soon for more posts. This is a cupcake from a batch I made for a friend’s engagement party.