milo makes everything delicious

milo cupcakes

I LOVE Milo. As do most good South Africans, I think? I’ll have it with almost anything: ice-cream, in milkshakes, with pancakes, in biscuits, the list goes on. So it only makes good sense to put it in CUPCAKES. And Milo buttercream is delicious with a capital D. Here are some I made this weekend. … [Read more…]

rose water cupcakes for valentines day

valentines day cupcakes

So, it’s valentines day. I know lots of us don’t particularly look forward the day, but like many other occasions, it IS a great excuse to eat delicious cupcakes. Pink and red ones, in this case. I love turkish delight and rose flavour, so I decided to make rose water cupcakes this valentines day. I … [Read more…]