fun cupcakes

old khaki cupcake

I’ve really been enjoying photographing my cupcakes, and experimenting with different props. Sometimes the cake stands and tea cups get a bit monotonous, in which case I can always resort to something like Trevor the gorilla. He does quite a nice gangster pose. Plastic dinosaurs are also a solid alternative. This T-Rex here is about … [Read more…]

White Cupcakes

white cupcakes 4

I’ve been to a LOT of events lately – weddings, kitchen teas, weddings, birthday teas, and more weddings. But I never get bored of events. Probably because every event is different, planned by different people with different styles and tastes. I love it. So that brings me to these cupcakes. They were for a special … [Read more…]

First post!

First Post

I have my blog up and running! Sort of. Please check back soon for more posts. This is a cupcake from a batch I made for a friend’s engagement party.