Mocha Cupcakes

I’ve been experimenting with various different mocha cupcake recipes. This was one of my latest experiments. I wasn’t entirely happy with the recipe, but I’ll let you know when I’ve found the perfect one. Chocolate and coffee… mmmm. x

Follow Me

I know I post quite irregularly, so if you don’t like having to check the blog for updates all the time, here are some smart and efficient ways of keeping up to date with BLNW: Follow me on Facebook or Twitter. No? Then subscribe to email updates, in the sidebar of this page (it’s near … [Read more…]

I’m on holiday, but here are the reruns

I’m taking a break this week, but here are some “reruns” for you to read: Get a free cupcake poster. Read about my favorite food bloggers. See some of the internet’s most delicious looking Red Velvet treats. Read my “Battle of the Cupcake” comic. Make vanilla cupcakes… or some freshly baked cookies maybe? That’s it, … [Read more…]

What I’ve been up to…


For the past week or so I’ve been obsessing over making the perfect fudge. The proper way, with a sugar thermometer and everything (as opposed to in the microwave). Once I set my mind to making something, I generally turn a bit crazy, as my husband will tell you. I’ll try it a million different times, until … [Read more…]


Yesterday I noticed that the Facebook Page hit 100 fans! And I was quite stoked. Thank you, Bake Love fans. We do not despise the day of small beginnings. If you’re not a fan yet, head right over and “Like” Bake Love on the Book. x

seven things

Tessa tagged me in her Seven Things About Me post. Which means, its my turn to write one. This is the first time I’ve been “blog tagged”, and although I try not to get too personal on my blog too often, I quite like the idea. So without further ado, here are seven things about … [Read more…]